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18. The lake Amistad (EN)

After the Alamo, we leave civilization for a much more secluded place, the Lake Amistad! The road seems to continue as far as the eye can see and the landscapes are magnificent. It is very beautiful, very hot, too hot even! Fortunately, despite the age of the Eurovan, we have air conditioning #GodBless. Cruise-control is also a practical tool since it allows me to appreciate the landscape and to escape in all this nature, without risk of accident since there is nobody...

The road to the Lake Amistad is so beautiful that we even decide to stop by the side of the road and enjoy the view. Some truck drivers honk at us because, unlike them, we have time to waste. Sometimes you have to learn to stop, take your time, take advantage of the present moment and slow down this crazy schedule that life imposes us.

After setting off again, we see a big fire and a farm being devoured by the flames! Worried of seeing such a spectacle, we check if the situation is not too serious, we never know that we must perform a heroic act! But no worries, the firefighters were already in the action, not all heroes always wear capes.

Thereafter, another problem appears; we have been on the road towards the Lake Amistad for over 150 miles but no gas station in sight. Even if the Eurovan has a large tank, it will have to be filled at some point. Finally, after about 200 miles on the road, we arrive in a small deserted town, with no shops, but we find a gas pump to fill up. The oil lobby is the oil lobby, what can I say?!

Once we arrived at the Lake Amistad, it truly feels like the pure Vanlife. While yesterday we were still in a 5 star resort, today the atmosphere is quite different. We will sleep under the stars, in wild camping mode, and right next to Lake Amistad. A huge desert surrounds us and only a dining table has been set up in the middle of nowhere. At first glance, this setup may seem difficult, but it is perfect for us! To be or not to be a Vanlifer, that is the question.

After settling in, I decide to finish my work from the day before, to enjoy the day that awaits us. Let’s take advantage of this moment to tell you one of my dearest secrets about Vanlife.

Since you always need your computer, camera, phone, etc. Where should you hide your valuables? Knowing that breaking and entering accounts for 80% of van thefts, we must therefore avoid leaving our belongings lying around in plain sight. Therefore, which hiding place to choose? It must be accessible from inside the van but invisible from the outside. So here's the secret, when you renovate your van, analyze the potential locations and check if they meet these criteria.

On our end, it was by rebuilding the kitchen that we found the perfect spot! It is located between the storage unit and the hotplates, with a space large enough to store all our valuables. Access is simple, convenient, and you can't see this hiding place if you don't know the Volkswagen Eurovan in its every corner. Therefore, if you are also an adventurer, be sure to find your hiding place. And one last thing, if anyone, besides us, discovers this place, we will count you among the suspects!

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