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19. On our way to Terlingua! (EN)

The previous night was peaceful and the awakening is done in peace, under the dazzling sun of Lake Amistad. As usual, Emily goes for a walk with Dov before preparing herself for the day; meanwhile, I am repairing the insulation of one of the van windows which has started to peel off. The Vanlife requires some manual knowledge to adapt to all possible situations and, in most cases, the ability to fix it alone and in the middle of nowhere.

As I finish the repairs, Emily goes to the kitchen and prepares us a breakfast worthy of the great chefs. On the menu this morning: When nature allies with man! Ciabatta bread, avocado and scrambled eggs; and a beautiful formulation never killed anyone. Following this little feast, we prepare the van to go explore the mysteries and wonders of the Lake Amistad. As usual, the magnificence of nature did not disappoint.

However, we do not spend more than the morning there because new adventures awaits; today we leave for Terlingua! It is a former mining district, about 5 hours from our current location, situated near the border between Texas and Mexico. But before, Vanlife obliges, we stop on the way to stock up on supplies, the place is so isolated that it would be fatal to go there without rations. Also, if in the future you happen to travel across the United States, or elsewhere, do not hesitate to favor small businesses. The people there are very friendly and will always be delighted to welcome you, advise you, and share their stories with you. All the meats and food are fresh, the prices are quite reasonable and we have found everything we need there.

So, it's in a small local grocery store that we stopped before reaching Terlingua, TX. The manager even invited us to taste his many varieties of homemade Beef Jerky, which, unsurprisingly, was much better than the one sold in supermarkets.

After this very pleasant stop, Captain Cohen takes over the rudder and sets sail for the next destination. By the way, after only 2 weeks on the road, we realize that the 999.99 miles mark has just been exceeded! Admittedly we had used the van before, but this time it is different, this figure symbolizes the progression of a new chapter in our life. Besides, as in life, there can sometimes be an oil leak, a splinter in the windshield, a temporary repair, etc. But what is certain is that there is no reverse mode possible and we must keep going forward!

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