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1. 1st DAY IN THE VAN (EN)

Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2020

Today, we leave our Dallas life behind for the Colorado Bend State Park, which is 4 hours away. This state park is a "primitive" one, meaning it has no water, no electricity, no shower, or toilet, basically paradise 😜! This stop, especially since it's the first one, promises to be a difficult one, but it is the one that we chose...

In addition, we still have a lot of tasks to finish before leaving the city serenely. Such as cleaning the apartment, doing the inventory, selling Emily's car, turning over our modem, bringing the last things from this old life to the storage unit, etc. Before we even thought of leaving, we noticed that the departure is going to be exhausting...

Our new home, and now our only means of transportation, is a 1999 Eurovan Volkswagen with 150,000 miles on the odometer. With the recent “hipsters” trend, these vans have become in high-demand again and, despite their age or mileage, the price can sometimes come close to a 100,000 dollars!

During our research, we came across many offers but we were not ready to burst our budget for a twenty years old van. Finally, we discovered ours on eBay, with proposals that averaged around $25,000. There was some amount of work needed, but nothing too complicated. After some negotiations, the deal was concluded at 10,000 dollars! The seller, an elderly gentleman, was very touched by our desire to cross the United States in a Volkswagen van.

Our dream of traveling the US in a van, was now possible. I was responsible for bringing it back to Dallas from Chicago; two days of travel but in retrospect, it was well worth it and allowed us to start a unique adventure.

For a year and a half, we first tried to see if this project was feasible by going on a few trips before the final departure. We took the van to Miami, New Orleans, Mobile, Austin and many other cities. But for 2020, we and the van were finally ready to set sail and discover the United States like never before.

However, let's get back to the day of the departure! With a little delay, we finally started the trip to Colorado Bend State Park. The journey, made at night due to all the tasks that needed to be done before leaving, lasted about four hours and we arrived around midnight.

Apart from a few deer by the side of the road, we encountered no other traces of life. We just have the time to prepare ourselves a "survival meal (MRE)", supposedly a lasagna, but that tasted more like chemical meat to be honest, before heading straight to bed. This first day was certainly very exhausting but we are happy to start this new chapter of our life.

Blog dedicated to our parents.

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