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20. Terlingua, here we are! Well almost... (EN)

On the road again! We're leaving for Terlingua, probably the most remote place in all of Texas. To give you an overview, the population in 2010 was 58 inhabitants and has not really changed since, it's to believe that everyone is fleeing this "city". But not us, like Alexander the Great, we set out to conquer unexplored lands!

To reach our destination the route is quite simple, there is only one road. We, who are usually used to getting lost along the way, are already set a problem aside. However, to avoid other unnecessary hassles, we decide to stop at Alpine, the last town on the way to Terlingua, to refuel. Even if the tank is not empty, you never know when the next pump will appear, once but not twice! I admit that one of the reasons that explains the small number of inhabitants is probably the lack of network and WiFi - enough to shoot yourself! But apparently the place is worth it so #LetsDoThis! Despite everything and knowing how remote Terlingua is, I conclude all my important meetings and warn my clients of a possible absence.

The road over here is very nice, we crisscross through the mountains, between the vast plains and the immense rocks. You know the song, the landscapes are magnificent and Hélios seems to have blessed us with a beautiful blue sky and a bright sun. But pictures are well worth a 1000 words after all.

As we daydream in front of all this splendor, we notice that there is no longer any indication on the road, perhaps we have gone too far? Indeed, after turning around and having retraced our steps, we find the sign: “Terlingua”. On the other hand, the closer we get to our destination, the more we move away from civilization, and the network bars gradually begin to decrease! Forget the restaurants, fast foods, malls, etc. Even American capitalism has failed to conquer this place!

Finally, the highlight of the show, the ultimate in modernity: a dirt road. “Great Scott”! In addition, even if the big Bertha knows how to take it, it is impossible to drive on this road at normal speed. Therefore, to avoid any damage, we decide to slow down and finish the last 4 miles at around 15 mph. Admittedly, we will waste 30 minutes on barely advancing but it is for the good of the van. And as we move slowly but surely, several motorcycles and 4x4 are passing us at high speed, probably wondering what these two idiots are doing with their van in the direction of Terlingua.

We see the Promised Land! The village is really on the Texan-Mexican border, surrounded by mountains. The Hobbits return to middle earth. However, the town has a restaurant and a swimming pool! On the other hand, no gas station, supermarket or network. However, Terlingua is only a stopover on our journey and considering the road, we will probably be leaving tomorrow.

Besides the lack of network, we have running water and electricity, which is more than essential if we want to be optimistic. The inhabitants of the village, that is to say 50 people, are all very friendly, even if our arrival looks like the Close Encounters of the Third Kind; I'm joking of course.

Emily keeps her role and goes into the kitchen. On the menu: Ribeye with garlic, decorated with its onion crown and accompanied by rice. Leave it to cook on the plancha and voila! After more than 6 hours of driving, we enjoy a beautiful sunset and a good meal in this heavenly setting. It is now time to go join Morpheus to get up at dawn. New day, new start, we catch-you back at Big Bend!

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