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22. Goodbye Terlingua (EN)

Mis à jour : 27 mai 2020

You might think that Vanlife is an experience that takes place mainly during the day, however, we should not forget the nocturnal wonders that it allows us to discover. Night shots are unfortunately not always as impressive as reality, but let us give you an overview.

Once we arrived at our campsite and the big Bertha is ready to be tucked-in, we often stay outside to admire the twilight. We start a fire and we are lulled by the crackling of the wood. The sensation is sometimes extraordinary, sometimes frightening. Not a sound, apart from ours and the insects around, a starry sky which is difficult to describe because it is so wonderful. Sometimes, we happen to go for a walk, looking for some thrills. Honestly, the worry of being attacked in the middle of nowhere probably comes from the movies. But once these ideas are put aside, the pleasure of a night walk is an interesting ritual to experience. We look at the moon, which seems to be looking at us too, and we see the stars very distinctly. Halos of lights emanate from the milky way, maybe it is even trying to communicate with us #WeAreNotAlone. Our overnight stays are not really part of the recurring subjects of the blogs, in particular because of the photo and video renderings which are not the image that we perceived. But don't get me wrong, Terlingua has the merit of showing us the best night skies since our departure. Leaving civilization has the main advantage of fully appreciating nature. Even if, over time, comfort gradually becomes an urgent need.

However, it's time to say goodbye to this small village and hit the road towards Big Bend! This departure is a bit improvised, we do not yet have a campsite for the night but, don't worry, usually it all ends up working.

With that said, we're back at that dirt road which gave us so much trouble the day before, and which seems very happy to give some shocks to the big Bertha again! For the residents of Terlingua, our arrival was almost a miracle, unheard of in the history of the "city". Usually they see custom Jeeps coming through, with an engine making noises that can be heard for miles. You quickly recognize who is an American and who is not. But don't forget, of all the people of the Gaul, the Belgians were the bravest!

By the way, do you want to know what the great daily stress is for a driver of a Eurovan Volkswagen? Is the engine going to start smoothly this morning? The response is generally quick, either everything is great and we can leave immediately, or the lights on the dashboard comes-up like on a Christmas tree! Today, the problem we had in Austin repeats itself and the coolant leak is back...

Of course, otherwise it would not be funny, these problems always come at the best time, that is to say, in the middle of nowhere and about an hour from the nearest market. We decide to take our chance and leave anyway #FingersCrossed. But we are not too optimistic since between Terlingua and Big Bend, the technological advancement is about the same...

Luckily, we find a convenience store and a fuel pump on the way to Big Bend #GodBless. While I buy the coolant and take care of big Bertha, Emily does her research to find a place to sleep. Your champions have done miracles again, Bertha has escaped unharmed and we have a campsite for two nights! So we leave quietly, or almost, for the Big Bend National Park. A must for all Vanlifers.

After a few miles, we arrive in the middle of the desert, huge mountains all around, and we see lots of Volkswagen vans, buses from the 70s, Vanagons from 80's and even Eurovans like the big Bertha! Despite driving in the unknown of the desert, the atmosphere in which we arrive already seems to be familiar. We make one last stop before our final destination, just to be sure that everything is in order with the Eurovan. For her part, Emily prepares a nice salad and Dov, the eternal sleeper, went to take a nap under the Eurovan #StayFresh. With that, we get back behind the wheels and find you in the next episode, see you soon!

Blog dedicated to Shelby & Cesar Jasso

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