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27. Prada Marfa (EN)

One of the pleasures of living in the great outdoors, let's say it is a privilege, is the awakening announced by the song of birds. Instead of the brutal ringing which made us start our working day, it is now a soft melody which allows us to return to reality after a good night of sleep.

As usual, I wake up before Steven to start my morning routine, a kind of “Miracle Morning”. To begin with, I go for a walk with Dov before serving him breakfast. And yes, like a king, he is always the first one to eat in the family. While he is enjoying his bowl, I walk around to enjoy the calm and relax in the middle of nature.

Since campsites do not have strict schedules, everyone adopts their own rhythm and takes advantage of their time as they wish. During my morning stroll, I meet the other Vanlifers, sometimes we exchange a simple hello, sometimes we share a conversation, in both cases, the atmosphere is always warm and friendly.

However, the big Bertha had a little surprise in store for us this morning. The problem of the coolant leak has reappeared and I noticed a puddle of liquid under the van, what do I say a swimming pool! It dripped all night during our sleep and in general, this does not look good. So, I decide to go wake-up Steven and share my observations with him. The newly formed mechanic must now return to the service of the Eurovan!

While he checks the damages and starts thinking about a solution to the leak, I brew the coffee. Honestly, how can you approach a mechanical problem and make your diagnosis without having taken your dose of caffeine?

After a few minutes under the hood, Steven comes to tell me that this is the same problem we had in Austin, it looks like the cycle is repeating itself. This leak is now officially confirmed, as well as a huge loss of oil! Like Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, we are listing the potential causes and preparing for our investigation. I'm kidding! We just decided to contact the garages in the next city and hope to get an appointment.

Even if waking-up in these circumstances isn't preferred, the good mood and the program will not be affected! We decide to leave the premises and definitively resolve this problem, which is becoming recurring. But hey, despite this leak, we are adding oil and coolant to the reservoirs and we decide to stop at Prada Marfa, a little wonder in the middle of the Texan desert, before our next destination, El Paso.

As its name suggests, this small Prada boutique is located in the desert, near the village of Marfa. It is an artistic installation by Elmgreen & Dragset and can be summed up in one simple word: ecological. The shop is entirely built from biodegradable materials and should gradually blend into the decor over the years.

Apparently, the creations presented would aim to denounce Western materialist society. Finally, it's still Prada so their whistle blowing approach still has some limits... Despite that, the place is very charming and seems to be in harmony with the project it wishes to defend.

The location of the boutique is also original. After crossing the town of Valentine, which was completely deserted by the way, we had to drive a few more miles to finally discover this building in the middle of nowhere.

Like the road 66 sign, this shop seems to be the tourist spot to discover. The cars stop, many just take a selfie, and everyone goes on their way. In any case, Prada Marfa is worth a visit!

However, it is already time for us to get back behind the wheel and head for El Paso!

Gradually, we also begin to get closer to New Mexico, it will soon be time to change state and discover its mountains and wonders.

Blog dedicated to Romain, Catherine, Arnaud and Olivier Beaufays.

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