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Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2020

Last night will likely be memorable for its difficulty!

Despite the exhaustion, we were woken up by the cold, which was around forty-six degrees. Our dog, Dov, probably had to go through the same ordeal, the poor guy was freezing in the morning. No worries there, we bought him a heating blanket to prevent him from having any more cold nights. In addition, going from a 1400 sq ft, with automatic heating, to a 20 sq ft van, without the luxuries to which we were accustomed, is surely the most difficult test, especially upon waking-up...

One of the things that nobody talks about in the "van life" is the fact that you have to sleep in a full size bed. This aspect is probably the hardest one, especially when the trip is planned for two; to those of you who knows the American codes, you can understand the comfort of our previous "king size" foam mattress. This new obligation is probably the most complicated aspect of this experience, at least for the moment...

Despite everything, we keep smiling and prefer to laugh about it, but acknowledge that only crazy people could choose this type of lifestyle. However, once the portable heater is turned on and breakfast is prepared, the reason for this decision comes back to mind. After recovering from the night, the three of us decide to explore the Colorado Bend State Park.

We chose a hike for beginners that lasts about an hour. The sky is blue and clear, the sun warms the atmosphere, the scenery is impressive. It is currently Tuesday and there are no professional or personal pressures, hovering over us.

However, the skills of the “good hiker” are far from being part of our daily lifestyle. Apart from a few walks, or nights under the stars during our youth, our knowledge stops there. This “beginner” hike quickly reached three hours... Out of breath, exhausted, we finished the route by hitchhiking with a ranger driving by!

Even if we do not intend to stay in this park, this first step gave us a glimpse, very tiring certainly, but extremely joyful! The next stop will be Inks Lake State Park and should present all the necessary comfort this time, at least, according to the brochure....

Blog dedicated to Liam, K-1000, Charlyne, Jonathan and Wanguy.

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