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30. Truth or Consequences (EN)

After a few days of rest in the town of El Paso, it's time to say goodbye to our hotel and meet up with the van. This brief stop has been beneficial to us; In addition to advancing on our MBA studies, we were also able to learn more about the big Bertha and realize that all problems are solvable #ThanksAlfonso. But now is the time to get back on the road, direction: New Mexico!

From the highway, we can already see the border between the two countries, the infamous wall that everyone keeps talking about. By constantly hearing its name in the media, this wall seems to tend more towards the myth than the reality. It is a kind of legend that is told to children to scare them. But the latter exists, and it is not likely to leave you indifferent!

Based on the name of the town "Truth or Consequences", I'm not too sure what to expect but, at first glance, a certain mystical aura seems to hover around it.

Anyway, a few miles before arriving at our destination, we stop to take care of the laundry. While, I take care of it, Steven takes Dov for a walk and discusses the latest contracts with his clients. Gradually, we see that the sharing of the chores is done naturally and that our duo is doing great!

Coming back to our destination, I will not hide from you that this place was still unknown to us not too long ago. We know it from one of our Vanlifer friends who highly recommended it to us. Without hesitation, we decided to integrate it into our trip, I'm talking about the city of course.

So that you can get your bearings, it is currently March 2020 and Covid-19 already seems to have gained momentum. We hear that the pandemic is wreaking havoc in Europe but that the United States is managing to stabilize the situation #FakeNews. I still decide to call the State Park to make sure that it is open and, to my surprise, the answer is not what I expected. All the State parks have closed because of the risk of the virus spreading. This decision had only just been made but I saw that all of our future reservations have also been canceled. Ouch! A hard blow for Emily and Steven... Even if we prefer parks to campsites, we have arrived at our destination and we will have to remedy to this setback.

Like what, this city is aptly named! No sooner was the truth announced than the consequences were not long in coming. On top of that, we are Friday the 13th, to believe that this day was predestined. Still, it takes more to accept such a twist of fate. After a few minutes on the phone, Steven managed to find us a campsite for the next nights and we find a new serene spirit #ProblemSolver.

Moreover, it was also out of the question to put aside the discovery of the thermal baths! There are several natural springs in the area but I highly recommend those at "River Bend Hot Springs". This hotel offers several packages suitable for all types of tourists. Either take a room, with access to the natural springs included, or you can choose to only enjoy the thermal baths.

In addition, there are several options available to take advantage of it. On the one hand, the private "suites", on the other, the public spaces. Despite the temptation, we decided to take the second option. Unlike the first, it allows canine support! Of course, even though Dov can't swim with us, it's nicer to have him by our side than to leave him in the van.

FYI, the baths at River Bend Hot Springs are fully emptied and cleaned every Thursday afternoon, so I recommend that you try the experience on a day other than this one, as these will be closed to tourist access. But, if you come on the right day, the place is worth a visit! Besides the pleasure of enjoying a 40 degree bath, you can also admire the exceptional view of Rio Grande. As a reminder, Rio Grande, which translates to “Great River,” is the fourth longest river in the United States and supplies many of its states with water. To give you an idea, it begins in Colorado and ends in northern Mexico, and then flows into the Gulf of the same name.

Finally, this Friday the 13th still leaves us with something to celebrate. We quietly enjoy the thermal baths and their therapeutic effects, we discuss the rest of the trip and the changes to be made because of the new situation of the virus.

Despite everything, the key word for the day: relaxation. However, we will have to get back on the road tomorrow, but given all the cancellations we have received, where can we go? Well don't worry, that's part of the Vanlife too!

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