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Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2020

Night has fallen on Inks Lake and we are the last one standing. Just to be safe for the night, we decide to take Dov out one last time before going to sleep. Around 2 a.m., the van transforms into a real igloo! The thermometer displays 37 degrees outside and even if the heater of the van keeps us warm for the moment, the night will be harsh...

Without hesitation, I immediately get out of bed to turn on the heaters, one is with gas, while the other one, is electric. I cover Dov with a blanket and wait until the temperature reaches the right level.

One thing that is important to note when you use a gas heater, especially in a confined space like a van, it is mandatory to stay awake when you turn it on! These heaters present two major risks: they can create a fire, due to their "open" flame and can saturate the air, which can eventually make you suffocate.

On one hand you are warm, on the other, you can die. Also, always leave a window (or two) slightly open, so that the air can circulate in the van. Because gas is heavier than oxygen, some people may succumb in their sleep due to being forgetful. Of course, security requires, we have several alarms to prevent these issues, one of which is for propane/gas, however, you must remain absolutely attentive if you use it.

After the temperature has returned to around 65 degrees, I turn off the heat and go back to sleep for the last few hours of the night. As soon as my eyes closed, the sun started to rise, at least that was my impression. But, it’s a new day ahead and we’re ready to enjoy Inks Lake State Park again.

Blog dedicated to Isaac Schlossberg and Benjamin Godts.

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