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Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2020

Upon awakening, our rituals starts the same as every morning. The habits we had in our apartment was getting up, taking a shower, getting dressed, having coffee and going to work. These transformed into going out with Dov, putting the bed back in bench mode, preparing coffee and putting back all the items in the bag located in the luggage rack.

Then, I go take a shower and Emily prepares us a good breakfast or lunch, as usual. The shower and toilet were one of my biggest fears in the van life, but very quickly we realized it was not. For starters, we often stay in state or national parks. These locations cost on average around 35 dollars per night and usually offer a large plot of land for the van, maintained toilets and showers, as well as a good number of hikes in the surrounding area.

Of course, nothing exceeds the comfort of your own home. Since we lived together, our apartments (photo below) have always had two bedrooms and bathrooms, large living spaces and kitchen. However, isn’t that what life is about? Fighting to have what you want, then going out of your comfort zone and facing new challenges, which in term, will enable you to climb to another comfort zone and so on?

It’s always interesting how this comfort zone operates because we all aspire to a better future, which sometimes takes a lifetime to achieve. But, as soon as you reach it, you tend to rest on your laurels, enjoy the moment and comfort yourself in this situation, even if you don't evolve to avoid risking your achievements.

So why risk everything and leave? Quite simply for new challenges that would allow us to renew this phase of personal elevation. As Ralph Waldo said, "Life is a journey, not a destination". You have to constantly push yourself, constantly achieve new exploits, and the only way to evolve is to leave your old comfort zone to reach a new one in a different sector!

When we started this new life, all our habits were turned upside down and new ones appeared. Surprisingly, the thing that seemed to me to be the most difficult was losing the comfort of having my own toilet and shower! After weeks in the van, I can safely say that this fear is now perceived as a joke and I can only appreciate all the new experiences that I gained by getting rid of all these "needs".

Blog dedicated to Suprakash Dutta and Edward Khoury.

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