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Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2020

Even though we enjoyed every moments with David and Josh in Austin, it was time to hit the road again. So, we cleaned-up the van, which was a monstrous mess, and we left the warm welcoming of our hosts and headed towards our next destination.

Today we’re heading to Pedernales Falls State Park, an hour outside of Austin. This location is known for its waterfalls, reserves and river hikes. Once we get there, we set up camp. On my end, I open the pop-up tent while Emily goes for a walk with Dov. Then, we take the time to study the map to plan our hike and see what the park has to offer.

We decide to go see this beautiful State park, without really knowing the distance to walk to get there. On a whim, we prepare a backpack and "en route"! As usual, we completely missed our distance calculations and off we go for 3 miles of walking (great)... The idea of having to do it again on our way back makes us doubt our decision but, there are still 2 good hours before the sun sets so...

Finally, we arrive safely at the falls. Dov has his tongue down to the ground, like us, but as we say: #WorthIt! We enter a dirt path with a forest that veils the horizon. After a few steps, we find ourselves facing a sumptuous setting, completely hypnotized, we decide to admire the landscape while resting.

When we returned, the night has fallen on Pedernales Falls State Park and Emily goes to the kitchen to do miracles again. On the menu: rice, chicken, carrot in sweet and sour sauce, one of my favorite dish! We decide to light a fire, open a beer and after a week in the van, this new life does not seem that bad...

Blog dedicated to Alex Pottok and Francis Kalema.

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