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Mis à jour : 28 avr. 2020

At the end of December 2019, the idea of living in a van was in our mind for over a year and became materialized. Steven took care of most of the preparation, as well as the logistics. This included the repairs, adjustments and forecasts of certain eventualities, good or bad. In a very short time, he bent over backwards to make sure that our new home had everything we needed.

On my end, I mainly focused on the itinerary and the cooking! For some, living in a van probably means that food goes second. Personally, I think that it represents one of the key points of a good personal development. Therefore, I decided to take advantage of this experience to continue to spoil my husband with my dishes. I developed my creativity despite the fact that I would soon leave my kitchen behind and move into a tiny one...

Part of my preparation was to understand how the other vanlifers organized the interior of their van. I wanted to have an idea about the storage to assess the main necessities. Unfortunately, I could not find what I was looking for on the social networks, but, by moving things around, arrangements, rearrangements, we found the best way to organize this space.

As for meals, my dishes are generally composed of 3 main ingredients: a protein intake, vegetables and starchy food. As Steven is very fond of white rice, I made it a recurring food from the menu, it is for this reason that we took the mini rice-cooker with us. Ideal for having rice cooked to perfection, it only require a few dishes, allows you to make frittata and steam vegetables. This appliance quickly found his place on one of our shelves and his assistance is often required.

When it comes to protein, chicken is generally our common source of protein. Easy to find and inexpensive, it goes well with everything, especially rice. However, we also appreciate having a good piece of meat from time to time. Living in a van takes us through small villages and allows us to find local butchers with very good value for money local products. However, when we buy a nice piece of meat, we use the plancha, the second addition to the van in terms of utensils. Since it is space-saving, it was obvious to include it in the trip.

Since we are on the road, I admit that a large part of my day revolves around our meals. But I attach a particular importance to our daily meals. These days, we barely snack anymore, although this new life is definitely more active, I don't remember the last time we were sick… Like the Latin maxim: Mens sana in corpore sano.

Blog dedicated to Ann'Ornela Vitiello and Maelle Neve.

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