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Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2020

Today we arrive at Fredericksburg, a small German town in Texas. It was one of the first German cities in the United States, when everyone did not yet speak English. Despite everything, the city has kept all its Germanic charm and splendor. The buildings have real European architecture and unlike other cities around, this one has a real history.

In Fredericksburg, dogs live like Kings! All shops and restaurants accept Dov and everyone wants to pet him. As he approaches his 12th birthday, we go where his flair guides him, and especially in the biggest dog store in the city, he is a smart guy! He is thrilled and can choose his gifts for his upcoming birthday.

The rest of the city is made up of shops of all kinds, but are mainly specialized in tourism. Each store claims its position for or against Trump, but hey it's Texas, the blessed place to wear a t-shirt or a hat with your ideology written on it.

After visiting this very charming little town, we leave for the place where we will be spending the night. Emily managed to find us a place to sleep in a public park. Basically, the cost of the night was $50, but she managed to negotiate it down to $10 a night! Sometimes, you can negotiate your way down with a small Volkswagen van like ours. This time, it was because the pop-up tent served as a "sleeping tent area" so, it allowed us to make a great deal since we were sleeping "in a tent".

Once settled, we go on an adventure in the outskirts of the park for a family hike, a new and pleasant habit that we acquired during this trip. On the other hand, we calculate our travel time so, we decide to not venture too far. Once back, we prepare the meal together, for the first time in this new life! But no worries, I only take care of the mash potatoes. On her part, Chef Emily prepares Italian sausages, as well as hash browns for tonight.

Blog dedicated to Laure and her podcast.

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