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Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2020

Despite the night temperatures, the day's one are generally around 20 degrees. The sky is blue, not a cloud on the horizon, a small breeze of refreshing air, this is the perfect opportunity to go on a trail! When we prepared our trip, we precisely looked at the parks that had hiking trails to combine adventure and discovery. It's time to go and visit the mysteries of these forests!

If you had to summarize this hike in one word: breathtaking! Trees as far as the eye can see, magnificent landscapes, immense lakes, in short, nature in all its splendor. Even Dov seems to take a liking to this new life and (re) gets acquainted with his old nemesis: water. At one point, he sees a fish swimming right next to him, his wolf instincts are activated and he pounces on it to make his meal. Missed ! Worse, he fell into the river at the same time. It’s difficult for him to go back on land but, after shaking himself, he’s off to go hunting again, but this time on land - much safer!

Our goal was to reach the top of the valley, along the way, another detail that comes out to us, especially since we have always been city dwellers, is the richness of the flora and fauna. Cacti, flowers, ducks, storks and other birds whose names we don't even know, but believe me, it was beautiful!

By desire of this atmosphere, we decide to start a fire and we invite our new acquaintances to join us towards the end of the evening. Obviously, let's not push survival-ism to its excess point, we still opened a few beers to embellish the festivities of the night.

On the other hand, this time, no question of being caught in the cold like the previous night. The night will be cold but we are ready! The van is warmed up, the alpaca blanket is out, the windows are well insulated, winter is coming tonight and we are ready to welcome it.

Blog dedicated to Lulu & Bill Greenberg.

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