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Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2020

During our stay with David and Josh, I took the opportunity to find out what was the problem with the coolant fluid. Before going to sleep, I bought a disposable aluminum dish, which is normally used for cooking, and I put it under the engine. Unsurprisingly, the next day, the dish was filled with coolant, and oil... But no need to stress about that yet, one problem at a time!

After some online research, I found a garage that can take me directly. I jumped in the van and as I arrived there, they are able to diagnose the van. After an hour of looking at the engine, the mechanic does not find the leak and even, finds it hard to believe that it came from our Eurovan.

He cleans the whole engine, look above and below, but nothing to report. Well, I'm not crazy, I even have proof! Anyway, he points out that we also have an oil leak, a classic concerning this van (what else new?), but since it's a small one, it is not necessary to deal with it immediately. It will be a problem for future Steven and Emily...

Thus, I leave confused from the mechanic and this leak remains the great mystery that hangs above the van... I know there is one and the consequences, at any time, can be that the engine overheat. Despite everything, we decide to take advantage of the day, especially to rediscover the city and we will advise later if the problem persists.

The next day and to my surprise again, no leaks! These are the most difficult problems to solve as they appear intermittently. We decide to stop thinking about it, since the leak seems to have disappeared, and take advantage of our visit of Austin with David and Josh.

Blog dedicated to Michelle Domb and Kim Wrightington.

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