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14. San Antonio, TX (EN)

Mis à jour : 28 avr. 2020

After our journey at the Enchanted Rock, we leave for the city of San Antonio in Texas. It is one of the “hype” cities of the state and also has its unique characteristic. In comparison, Houston is known for its oil, Dallas for its television show and its wealth, Austin for it's Californian vibe due to its artistic and technological development, but San Antonio has the only historic monument in Texas: the Alamo!

However, after our walk to the Enchanted Rock, we needed a little rest, not to mention that we still have to book our camping ground for our stay in San Antonio. Emily found us a royal location for the next 3 days... we will live the life of a castle in a “resort” for campers! With full amenities such as showers, toilets, swimming pool, jacuzzi and, the ultimate comfort of all, the (holy) Wi-Fi. What do the people ask, I ask you again?

Weirdly, we arrive in a dead city. Certainly, we are on weekdays, but the city has become a real desert. So we decide to go see the famous “River Walk” where the atmosphere should be more festive. Surprisingly, the streets remain empty, but we still visit the place. The shops and restaurants are located by the river, very similar to Venice... Understand by that, the one from Las Vegas...

Despite that, we decide to go eat at the most American restaurant of all, at least for foreigners like us: "Bubba Gump", directly from the film Forest Gump. Thereafter, we continue our walk to the city center, but it becomes weirder and weirder to walk in such a deserted city... We see a few tourists, maybe a dozen, as well as joggers, but this is the city center and it's supposed to be crowded. We would learn much later in our trip that due to the Covid-19 and the progressive implementation of a containment, the city was already fairly quiet (currently we are on March 9, 2020).

The sun is setting on San Antonio and we continue our drive towards the “resort”. Once arrived, the change of atmosphere is immediate, there is a crowd! All campers are parked next to each other, unlike the vast landscapes that we experienced at State Parks. Also, campers here are not kidding, they have mobile homes and caravans that are 5 to 15 times the size of our van! Despite everything, as always, our locomotive works its charm and we always proudly answer the famous question: "Is it a Volkswagen Van?"

After settling in, we walk Dov to the dog park at the "resort", they even thought of the dogs! We bring him back to the Eurovan so that he can rest before going for a swim. Finally, we end the evening in the jacuzzi ...

Blog dedicated to Andy, Joseph and little Theo Guerra.

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