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Just 18 miles from Fredericksburg is the Enchanted Rock and as its name suggests, it's filled with mysteries... The park is huge, but it's also entirely formed around this famous rock. In particular, it inspires several myths, legends and even has so-called spiritual powers. Even if these beliefs do not seem to concern us, the park remains a mandatory stop on our journey and, trust us, it's worth the detour!

The scenery here is spectacular and each landscape that we come across is more magnificent than the other. It truly feels like entering a world out of time. The weather is cloudy but the view remains clear enough for us to see our evolution, and even the routes that await us to the city of San Antonio, our next step. As at Inks Lake, the flora and fauna are just as interesting and spectacular. Strangely shaped rocks, fields everywhere and lots of birds of all kinds!

Going around the Enchanted Rock takes us about two hours. When we return, we decide to rest in the van, just to catch our breath and the little Dov also needs a break. Since it is not too hot, we leave the windows and the roof open for him. For our part, we continue our visit and climb the famous Enchanted Rock! This rock rises about 1825 ft above sea level but is extremely steep. The plan appears to suggest a moderate one hour round trip trail, but these estimates are never reliable. So, we reassess the walking time to 3 hours and that drastically changes the efforts planned.

We still decide to try it, #YOLO! From the place of departure, we can't even see the final destination and, as soon as you start to climb, it's hard to see where you're going. However, we see that next to us, there are some elderly people who also undertake this hike, with their poles, walking shoes and bags, they climb at their pace... Crazy Americans!

On the way to the top of the rock, we dropped the jackets and the sweaters, to not overheat. I carry the backpack and I quickly ate the entire box of biscuit that we had kept for the summit. Suddenly, a woman shouts “Snake!” - One of Emily’s great phobias. After a short moment of panic, she regains her senses and we can continue our ascent to the top.

It’s at the top that the view is the most extraordinary, the horizon stretches tens of miles and it feels like we are on top of the world. We adapt the scene from Titanic and off we go: "I'm the king of the world!". It was probably one of the most grueling trails we have undertaken so far but it was completely worth it.

We even see a miracle of nature, over time, small lakes have formed at the top of the Enchanted Rock, with microcosms that are now protected. After twenty good minutes spent at the top, we see again the elderly people we had met at the start of our walk. Unbelievable! At least fifty years older than us and they reached the top of Enchanted Rock in just twenty minutes more than us.

It is time for us to go back down, face this slope again and finally reunite with Dov, who must be getting impatient in the van. After, we will set sail for the city of San Antonio in Texas!

Blog dedicated to Deborah, Gabrielle and Robert Souery.

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