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17. The pride of the Texan, the Alamo! (EN)

Mis à jour : 28 avr. 2020

After a good day of rest and work, it's time to leave the Resort. Luckily, the sun is here, the sky is blue, not a cloud on the horizon, in short, a beautiful day ahead.

We are leaving early this morning to go see the Alamo. After three years in Dallas, this is the only historic monument we have heard of, so it was time to pay him a visit! The Alamo is located in the city center, next to the skyscrapers, I let you imagine the contrast. We see a parking lot close to the monument, but will the van pass the clearance? We decide to try it anyway but the bag on the luggage rack barely makes it at the parking lot entrance...

Suddenly, around a turn, we hear a big BANG! And just after that, we see an iron pole falling to the ground. Mayday, mayday! The bag is hit, I repeat, the bag is hit! I hang on to the door to see the damage, the bag is scratched. However, all of the parking lot cables are torn at the point of impact. No one on the horizon, so not seen, not caught... I take the bag out of the luggage rack, put it in the van, and we keep looking for a spot.

After this short journey rich in adrenaline and once the van parked, we finally leave to see this famous monument. A little historical reminder, the Alamo is a small building that the Texans took from the Mexicans in 1835. This episode marks the first step towards the independence of Texas and symbolizes a great victory for its citizens. This battle is taught in all schools, American-style of course, as an epic confrontation between the good Samaritans and the foreign barbarians. For the record, it was at the headquarters of Fort Alamo that the famous Davy Crockett lost his life. In reality, the Texan army had no more than a few hundred men, and this victory only brought about a large "house" with a few rooms. We are therefore very far from the battle of Waterloo or Trafalgar, but each one has his own vision of an historic battlefield.

Besides, seeing this monument and the importance it has been given, I can't help but think back to an anecdote that dates from 2012. When I arrived in the United States, keen on football, or "soccer" as they call it here, I hated to hear that the Americans were the world champions of baseball and american football... How can you be the world champion when you are the only one to play it ?! For example, the Baseball "World Series" only includes American teams, but the winner receives the title of world champion. All this makes no sense to me! And yet, after some research on the subject, I realized that the name of this league comes from the sponsor of the tournament at the time, named the "New York World Newspaper". Elementary my dear Watson! They simply named the tournament according to the newspaper: the World Series. It’s still interesting to see how people are appropriating themselves with higher titles to feel superior in various fields. But who am I to judge...

But back to the city of San Antonio and the Alamo! We can give it to this monument, it has a beautiful visual aspect, without real architectural prowess on the other hand. The exhibits are very interesting and they even bring in actors to remember the time of this battle. Needless to say, the exhibitions focus on the maintenance of the Texans and American pride. Besides, one last detail that remains surprising, the gift shop is larger than the Alamo #BuyMyMerch.

After this visit, we go for a walk in the city center before returning to the van and we quickly leave the parking lot. We were delighted to have been able to visit San Antonio and rediscover the luxury of civilization, but duty calls us elsewhere. Now it's time to prepare for our departure for the next step of our journey: The Lake Amistad!

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