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Mis à jour : 26 sept. 2020

Today we are leaving for Austin! The 4th largest city in Texas. My cousin David C. offered to stay with him and, of course, the offer was accepted with great joy and without any delays. Despite all the positive aspects of the Vanlife, we can't wait to reunite with the comfort of a city apartment: 4 walls, a toilet and a private shower, as well as a host who knows how to make us feel comfortable.

Once the van is ready, we start the journey of about an hour's drive to Austin. However, as soon as the Eurovan ignite, the coolant fluid sensor warning light flashes... We open the hood and the coolant level has dropped considerably. But, we were ready for this kind of situation and with an extra bottle at the back of the van, we can head to Austin safely and without any other incidents.

This is the second time we visited Austin and we really love this city. Far from the clichés of Texas, Austin represents “the new Silicon Valley.” A good number of tech companies have settled here, in the recent years and Emily had even been interviewed for a position at Facebook and Apple twice before. Locals go against the Texan codes of carrying guns. Mostly Democrats and anti-Republican, a true Californian enclave in Texas! Besides, many Texans do not consider Austin as a city in Texas, I never could figure that part...

At the end of the day, we meet-up with David and Josh H., his roommate, at their apartment. As soon as we arrived, and once the reunion celebrated with dignity, they questioned us about the trip and the next steps to come. The icing on the cake of this return to civilization, we all played Nintendo Switch together and, God bless video games!

Surprisingly, David is a distant cousin, whose existence I didn't even know about less than 2 years ago! But, as soon as we met, we immediately became friends and kept in touch despite the distance. Over these 2 years, we have been able to meet again on a few occasions and never, oh never, we forget to call/text each other to share the latest news. I strongly await our future meet-up!

Blog dedicated to David Codron and Josh Harke.

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